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Inspection and quality assurance services

Insteam Ltd is an inspection and quality assurance services company based in Finland. We are accredited by FINASthe Safety and Chemicals Agency, and the Ministry of Labour and the Economy. We provide services for all publicand industrial sectors in Finland. We also provide quality assurance services to clients outside of Finland. Our rapidly expanding company has offices located in Turku, Kotka, Kuopio, Tampere, Harjavalta and Vantaa, Finland. This ensures the smooth and efficient delivery of inspection services. We inspect pressure equipment, piping, tanks and a variety of mechanical and electrical equipment, and issue audit certificates for statutory compliance. In addition, we are authorized by Trafi, the Finnish Transport Safety Agency, to carry out pressure vessel inspections. We can tailor our services to your special requirements. Our high quality work has yielded customer trust and satisfaction. Our business is based on reliability, common sense and cost-effectiveness.

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