The company's story

Industrial inspection services since 2010

The performance of inspections in Finland was opened to competition in 1998, when the publicly-owned inspection bodies began to be privatized to increase competition and streamline operations. This led to the creation of two large Finnish inspection organizations, which have since been transferred to foreign ownership.

Insteam was founded in 2010. Initially Insteam carried out inspection services as subcontracted service along with the quality assurance services. A change in legislation began the process to obtain accreditation as an approved Inspection Body. Insteam was evaluated by FINAS according to the new standard ISO / IEC 17020: 2012 and approved by an Inspection Safety and Chemicals Agency's decision in 2013. Insteam is the sole inspection services firm based in Finland. We are currently in the process of expanding our network of business locations all over Finland in order to be close to our customers and provide cost-effective services.

During the course of our accreditation evaluation, we also implemented company arrangements. Insteam Ltd spun off a separate professional services firm: Insteam Consulting Ltd. This helped to ensure the absolute independence of Insteam’s inspection services, and impartiality is one of our most important guiding values.